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Phelps Road extension


In December 2001, the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments voted on 52 Regional Flexible Funds Applications, with a total cost of $58.2 million. These included replacing 20 MTD buses, adding a sidewalk to a road (I think in Guadalupe), and extending Phelps Road to Los Carneros.


We (John & Diane Kalstrom) are residents of the Storke Ranch housing complex. Phelps Road passes through the north end of our community. Putting the road through would be unsafe and undesirable for the following reasons.


I arrived at the December SBCAG meeting just as they were voting. Another observer said there had been considerable discussion and changes to the projects (North county buses), but not Phelps Road. (SBCAG staff had taken it off of the list of recommended projects.) However, look for the issue to resurface a year from now, when the Regional Transportation Improvement Plan goes under review again.


Letter from Gail Marshall to signers of opposition petition.
County's extension plan. Scanned in from photocopies made at SBCAG office.
Flexible Funding Proposals. Scans of a mailing from SBCAG.
Santa Barbara County Association of Governments. Board includes all 5 county supervisors, plus a member from each city council (e.g. Santa Maria). Meetings.
Valley Voice Letters to the Editor, 9 Nov 01
Mention of giving Phelps Road to County. Buried in section 1, exhibit C in your Storke Ranch CC&R binder. From our conversations with homeowners, it seems that this was verbally disclosed by Bermant to homeowners in later phases.
Sample opposition letter.
Latest email to homeowners / Status.

Why didn't Planning require developer to put Phelps at extreme north end of Storke Ranch, if the plan was to make it a through road?
County approving Storke Ranch easements, but rejecting ownership of Phelps, Nov 97.
County accepts ownership of Phelps, Mar 01.

John & Diane Kalstrom
6860 Buttonwood Lane